Rethinking loyalty marketing

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It’s a truism that retaining a customer costs a fraction of what it does to acquire a new one. So it stands to reason that loyalty marketing should be a priority: it has greater potential for higher ROI, it’s essential for brand-building and it’s a key weapon in your arsenal against commoditization.

In this webinar we look at different types of loyalty programs, how to find the right program for your business, tips to retain customers through loyalty marketing and more.

On the webinar we cover:

  • The power of loyalty marketing in the travel industry
  • Types of loyalty programs and which program would be right for your business
  • 5 tips to increase your customer retention with loyalty marketing
  • Loyalty marketing success stories from Celebrity Cruises and Suresave
  • How EPS can help empower your loyalty programs 

The session is hosted by:

  • Dr. David Cox, PhD in Loyalty Marketing, CEO of Motivforce
  • Raegan Armstrong, Director, Account Management, AMER, EPS