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Our supply

Quality supply made easy

Connect to an exceptionally wide range of travel products with EPS by tapping into supply for four lines of business from Expedia Group, one of the world's largest travel companies.

Learn about our products

We give you access to more than 700,000 accommodations through our API and online templates, along with flights from over 500 airlines, more than 175 car rental companies and over 200,000 activities around the world via our agent booking tools. And our supply is growing, all the time.
Quality content that converts

Research by TripAdvisor found travelers are 150% more engaged on listings with more than 20 photos. That's why images are a big priority for us. Through our API we have over 13 million property images, including over 7.5 million room images, and over 85% of these are large-scale.

Image sort
Our API automatically sorts all property and room images to ensure they are delivered in the most logical and impactful way for the traveler. For example, the hero image will be returned first, followed by the entrance, lobby guest room, bathroom and so on. This gives the traveler a complete view of the property, grounds and amenities before going to more detailed images of rooms.

All of our images come with clear, precise captions. In fact, we have over 175 different caption categories that are delivered with our images to ensure that all of our images are descriptive and captioned correctly.

Cover all travelers' payment preferences

It's not just about offering one price for one hotel, let your travelers choose from different payment options:

  • Property Collect: Allows travelers to book now and pay at their accommodation
  • Expedia Collect: Allows travelers to book immediately online
  • Expedia Traveler Preference: Allows travelers to choose whether they book now or later
    A huge range of rate types

    Access our supply for a range of different types of rate, broadening your appeal and helping you secure more bookings with more travelers. Benefit from a range of different combination rates, deals and offers:

    • Package rates: Offer a discount on accommodation to travelers who are booking a travel component, boosting your hotel attach rate and generating more revenue
    • Standalone rates: Give travelers the choice of Property Collect or Expedia Collect
    • Promotional rates:  Access more than 650,000 deals across our whole range of rate types –  more than half of these deals provide discounts of more than 10%
    • Member-only deals: Offer a sense of exclusivity for customer groups such as loyalty members and targeted email lists, with an average discount of 15%
    Accommodations that travelers will want to book

    Power your hotel bookings with EPS and you'll be marketing rates and availabilities for more than 700,000 properties in 35,000+ destinations worldwide. What’s more, with over 35 property types, from hotels to house boats and villas to tree houses, we ensure your supply is relevant to as broad a range of travelers as possible, making you more likely to get that booking.

    Eye-catching deals
    Boost your competitiveness with access to over 650,000 deals on our accommodations, including member-only deals and package rates for easy attachment to flight bookings. Offer pay-now or pay-later options, with bookings available up to 500 days in advance, or right up until 23:59 on the day of check-in.

    Flights to (almost) anywhere

    Keep your travelers in your booking ecosystem for longer. Use our agent booking tool to access flights with more than 4.7 billion seats from over 500 airlines, covering more than 6,500 airports in 5,800 cities in over 230 countries and territories. Provide last-minute booking up until six hours before flight departure with booking windows as far as 11 months in advance.

    In-demand activities in popular locations

    Diversify your travel portfolio by branching into the growing activities market with more than 200,000 activities in over 120 countries. By supplying activities via our agent tools, you can capitalize on our last-minute availability.

    Car rental around the globe

    Grow your revenue per transaction by combining flights and accommodation bookings with car rentals via our agent booking tool. Through our supply you can offer car rentals from 175 suppliers in more than 3,000 locations with 15 different car categories. Seven different deal types, and on-the-day booking or windows over 91 days in advance will make your car rental offering very attractive to your travelers.

    Growing our supply to grow your sales

    We understand that the more supply we have, the more likely you’ll be to make that sale. So, we have a global team of thousands of people solely focused on building our network of hotel partners, airlines, car rental and activities providers. We're adding more supply every day.


    Grow your offering and increase your bookings


    property images, including over 7.5 million room images


    flexible rate types, including standalone or package, pay-now or pay-later


    accommodations in 35,000+ destinations worldwide

    Benefit from the multi-channel, multi-platform global marketplace of Expedia Group.

    EPS brings global supply to your fingertips, helping you stay competitive with rates and availabilities, and enabling you to provide your travelers with unforgettable trips.

    Through Expedia Group’s optimized distribution program, you can also access high-margin B2B rates through exclusive partnerships with global lodging suppliers like Marriott International. Read more about the program here.