Fness strengthens relationship with EAN, Increases response time to customers

Apr 17, 2015

Expedia® Affiliate Network (EAN) has offered their call center backend tool, Voyager, to Fness for the purpose of increasing their service level and response time to their customers. Previously, Fness would contact the EAN call center to get many of customer requests completed whereas Fness is now able to complete most of the requests on their own. The response time to the customers has increased substantially.

According to EAN, offering Voyager is due to FNess’ significant growth in the past three and a half years of partnership. Fness contracted with their downstream agents of more than 2,000 after their initial partnership with EAN.

Ms. Yumiko Abe, Sr. Account Manager with EAN, mentioned that, “EAN is continuously looking forward to Fness’ growth and is excited to give them our tool to support their customer service level.”

EAN has given this tool to approximately ten partners in the APAC region, two of whom are in Japan. Fness is the only partner in the offline retail segment.

According to Mr. Katsumi Sakurai, Fness’ Hotel Director, “We started using Voyager in the beginning of March and the call volume to EAN has decreased significantly where our team is now more able to utilize their time on complex customer requests.” Fness will be further looking forward to increasing their service level to their customers.

Mr. Katsumi Sakurai says, “EasyRez, our booking site, aims to become the number one online agent booking tool in Japan. We are currently the third most useful booking tool but will be optimizing our tool to add many other functions such as ‘search by map’ as our first step towards our goal.”

Mr. Takashi Morimoto, Account Manager EAN, mentions that, “We are also here to support their EasyRez enhancements to become the most user-friendly tool in the country.”

EAN has partnered with Fness in 2011 to expand their B-to-B model into Japan where Fness started EasyRez. EasyRez contains most of Expedia’s global hotel inventories open to Fness users.

In addition to owning EasyRez, Fness is proactively working hard through daily sales and marketing to get their site to be used by countless numbers of travel agencies in Japan.

エクスペディア・グループでアフィリエイト方式によるホテル客室販売事業をおこなうエクスペディア・アフィリエイト・ネットワーク(Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN))は、このほどエフネスの旅行会社向け宿泊施設予約サイト「Rikisha Easy REZ(ERZ)」に、EANのコールセンターのバックエンドシステム「Voyager」を開示した。これにより、従来はエフネスがEANのコールセンターに電話で問い合わせていたさまざまな案件がERZ側でシステム対応可能になり、取引先に対しても迅速なレスポンスなどが可能になるという。