Life at EPS: Martin Golder

Jan 19, 2018

What area of EPS do you work in?

I work in the Technical Operations team here at EPS, helping to keep our API service running smoothly.

What do you enjoy most about working at EPS?

Expedia Inc. attracts a diverse mix of people and EPS is a great example of that, this mixture of backgrounds & personalities leads to a fun place to work that is forever adapting and growing in parallel to our customer’s passion for travel.

Tell us about a project you are most proud of and why?

Since I joined back in January 2016 there have been a few great initiatives but I’d like to highlight how the technology team have iteratively kept pushing forward; improving our internal processes, breaking our monolithic platform into microservices, laying the foundations for a faster platform & adopting the Cloud to strengthen our global power.

Tell us about a person who has supported your development? And how?

Matthew, a manager in the EPS business, has been hugely supportive. He has been a knowledgeable and technical source of advice and helped me understand a myriad of business history that has helped me frame my decisions.

How does EPS support your work/life balance?

Aside from the generous travel and wellness reimbursement benefit that continually grows with service I’ve always felt I can work from home as needed, adjust my working hours when needed and as a manager I regularly remind my team to switch off from work and recharge out of hours.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

I’ve enjoyed many trips, from the magic of Disneyland (with kids) to exploring The Netherlands, but the most memorable has been exploring The Isle of Wight with my family. Searching for red squirrels, exploring enchanting chines, discovering historic monuments and watching the sun rise over a beautiful bay remind me that sometimes the simplest moments are the happiest.