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Life at EPS: Daniele Biagi

Mar 13, 2018

What area of EPS do you work in?

I work in technology with a team that provides the tools necessary to allow Software Development teams to deploy services in the cloud effortlessly.

What do you enjoy most about working at EPS?

At EPS, I am surrounded by people who are keen to pursue innovation, focused on finding the best solutions to problems, and passionate about keeping themselves updated. A coffee break with a colleague could simply become an opportunity to learn new things and keep abreast of changes, and I love it.

Tell us about a project you are most proud of and why?

Last year, all the teams had to migrate their services to the cloud, and everybody had their unique approach to deployment. My team and I provided a pipeline to facilitate the teams to build, deploy and test their services in the cloud uniformly across the whole company.

Tell us about a person who has supported your development? And how?

Oli works in my team, and I enjoy working with him. He helped me transition from Software Development to the Cloud Infrastructure and Platform team, introducing me to a lot of different scenarios that I was not familiar before. Within just a few months, I became so proficient that I achieved two certifications. Oli’s positivity and passion for personal development inspire and motivate me to invest in my own growth.

How does EPS support your work/life balance?

At EPS, I have the best work/life balance ever. I used to work for companies at which employees were expected to work long hours and were taken for granted. At EPS, employees who do work overtime when needed are very appreciated, and company culture encourages employees to engage in activities outside work. Every two weeks, the company arranges an evening event, such a karaoke or quiz night. This is a good chance for people to get to know their colleagues better. I also appreciate how the company gives us a generous wellness allowance that we can spend throughout the year.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

Last February, in desperate need for some winter sunshine, I went to Seville in Spain. I haven’t visited such a marvellous city for a very long time. Seville has a rich cultural heritage, and you can still see the influence that different cultures have had on the city over the centuries, especially in Alcázar, one of the most amazing residences I have ever seen. The only thing that I regret about this trip is that I did not spend enough time in Seville to try all the dishes I wanted to sample. The food was amazing, and the tapas selection had something to offer all tastes.