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Deferred Payment Terms and Conditions

The Deferred Payment Facility (as defined below) can only be used by a travel agency registered to use the Program in The Philippines (“TAAP Member”, “you” or “your”) and who has first read these terms and conditions and accepted them unconditionally by selecting the pay later option for the first time when making a Booking. The Deferred Payment Facility is offered by EXPEDIA Inc., a Washington corporation, located at 1111 Expedia Group Way West, Seattle, WA 98119, USA (“Expedia” “we”, “our” or “us”). 

If you do not accept these terms, you will not be permitted to use the Deferred Payment Facility. Expedia reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions on providing written notice to the TAAP Member.


(A) Expedia and TAAP Member entered into a Travel Agency Affiliation Agreement for The Philippines whereby TAAP Member agreed to participate in Expedia’s travel agent affiliate programme as amended from time to time (the “Agreement”).

(B) The Parties wish to revise the Agreement to include certain additional rights for the period set out in Section 1.1 below for TAAP Member to defer payment by certain Customers on the terms and conditions set out below (the “Deferred Payment Facility”).

(C) In consideration of their continued performance of their respective obligations under the Agreement, the Parties hereby agree to amend the Agreement on the terms set out below. All other provisions of the Agreement will continue in full force and effect.

(D) All capitalized terms, where not defined in these terms, shall have the meanings set out in the Agreement.

    NOW, THEREFORE, the Parties hereto agree as follows:


    1.1 These terms and conditions (“Terms”) are effective as of the date of acceptance by selecting the pay later option for the first time when making a Booking (the “Effective Date”) and shall remain in force until and unless terminated in accordance with these Terms or for as long as the Agreement remains in force (if the Agreement expires or is terminated in accordance with its terms).

    1.2 These Terms are supplementary to and shall form part of the Agreement and amend it only to the extent specified in these Terms. The Parties acknowledge and agree that these Terms do not affect the validity or enforceability of the Agreement and shall not constitute an amendment, alteration, modification, or waiver of any other provisions of the Agreement, all of which shall remain in full force and effect. All terms of the Agreement shall apply to these Terms and in the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the provisions of the Agreement and these Terms, these Terms will take precedence.

    1.3 Payment for a Qualifying Transaction (as defined below) must be remitted to Expedia by the TAAP Member 7 days before the Customer’s Balance Due Date (the “Affiliate Payment Date”). Subject to such payment being received by Expedia, the Commission shall be paid within 30 days after the end of the calendar month during which the Booking became a Consumed Booking.

    1.4 TAAP Member shall at all times be responsible for and properly supervise any and all use of the Deferred Payment Facility by its employees and approved sub-users. TAAP Member shall monitor its employees’ and sub-users’ use of the Deferred Payments Facility and inform Expedia immediately of any suspected misuse.

    1.5 TAAP Member and its employees and sub-users shall at all times keep these Terms confidential.


    2.1. The Deferred Payment Facility will only be available for Bookings that meet all the following criteria:

    2.1.1. Properties which are an E-Collect Booking (also known as Expedia Collect Travel Product or Expedia Special Rate Hotel or ESR or Pre-Pay) and that are refundable; and

    2.1.2. Bookings with a departure date between 14 days and 280 days from the date the Booking was made, or such other time period as stipulated by us to you from time to time via email.

      (each a “Qualifying Transaction”).

      2.2. Intentionally left blank.

      2.3. Expedia reserves the right, at any time, to:

      2.3.1. perform or ask third parties on Expedia’s behalf to perform financial reviews (including credit checks) and you will provide reasonable assistance and data so that we or such third party can perform financial reviews;

      2.3.2. amend the Financial Caps (as defined below);

      2.3.3. audit your adherence to these Terms including asking for evidence from you that valid customer details have been correctly provided, pursuant to Section 3.1 of these Terms;

      2.3.4. amend the departure date / booking window requirements set out in 2.1.2 above; and/or

      2.3.5. introduce other requirements as a condition of using the Deferred Payment Facility.

      2.4. You may only use the Deferred Payment Facility provided that at any one time the GBV of total unpaid Balances for all Qualifying Transactions does not exceed the financial cap we have notified you of separately by email or otherwise in the Expedia system (the “Financial Cap”). In the event that your Financial Cap is reached and/or exceeded, your access to the Deferred Payment Facility will be suspended.


      3.1. You shall accurately and fully complete all relevant sections of the TAAP Website when making a Qualifying Transaction including providing the name of the Customer, Customer email address, Customer telephone number and credit card details for payment of the balance. We reserve the right to suspend your access to the Deferred Payment Facility if you fail to adhere to this Section.

      3.2. You acknowledge that we may contact Customers in certain circumstances which, in our discretion, are critical to the fulfilment of a booking, for example in the event of a crisis, inability to collect the Balance or your insolvency. We will not contact Customers for marketing purposes.

      3.3. You agree that in the event of your insolvency, we may (in our sole discretion) opt to directly refund customer credit cards even if payment was made using a corporate credit card.

      4. PAYMENT

      4.1 Payment of Balances can be made by Customer credit card or by TAAP Member credit card. You shall indicate using the tick box mechanism at the time of Booking whether you are using the Customer or TAAP Member credit card. Authorization occurs at time of booking regardless of whether Customer credit card or TAAP Member credit card is used. Credit card details will be stored securely on the TAAP Website and charged by the Balance Due Date.

        Payment using Customer credit card

        4.2 TAAP Member shall: (i) enter Customer credit card details onto TAAP Website at time of booking to ensure Customer has a valid credit card for the payment of the Booking on the date full payment is due (i.e. the date when the Booking becomes non-refundable) (the “Balance Due Date”); (ii) ensure the validity of the Customer credit card extends beyond the Balance Due Date to ensure timely payment of the Balance (defined below) or, where the Customer credit card expires between Booking date and Balance Due Date, provide or procure that the Customer provides an up to date Customer credit card to ensure timely payment of the Balance; (iii) provide to Customer in writing the Balance Due Date and send at least one written reminder at least 7 days prior to the Balance Due Date.

        4.3 Payment for the full amount of the Qualifying Transaction (the “Balance”) by Customer must be made by TAAP Member taking details of Customer credit card upon Booking and by Customer paying the entire amount of the Balance, at the latest, by the Balance Due Date.

        4.4 TAAP Member will notify Customers that their credit card details will be retained securely by Expedia until the Balance has been paid.

        4.5 TAAP Member shall not collect the Balance from Customer (on behalf of Expedia) prior to the Affiliate Payment Date nor collect any deposit at any point.

        4.6 If, prior to the Balance Due Date, you fail to provide (or fail to procure that the Customer provides) an up-to-date Customer credit card in the event of expiry of the credit card used to make the Booking, such Booking shall be considered a Cancelled Booking as defined in clause 5.3 below.

          Payment using TAAP Member credit card

          4.7 If payment is to be made by TAAP Member credit card, then TAAP Member shall enter its own corporate credit card details onto the TAAP Website at time of booking. Such credit card must be valid and such validity must extend beyond the Balance Due Date to ensure timely payment of the Balance. Should the TAAP Member credit card expire between the date on which the Booking is made and the Balance Due Date, you shall provide us with an alternative TAAP Member credit card from which we can take the Balance. Should you fail to do so, you acknowledge that we may cancel the Booking and that such Booking shall be considered a Cancelled Booking as defined in clause 5.3 below.

          4.8 Payment for the Balance must be made to Expedia by TAAP Member, at the latest, by the Balance Due Date.

          4.9 TAAP Member shall not collect any deposit from Customer.

          5. CANCELLATION

          5.1 You shall not make or allow Bookings other than in response to a specific request by a Customer. You also acknowledge that any Booking is between the Customer and the Supplier and may not be cancelled or otherwise amended by you without the consent of the relevant Customer.

          5.2. Should the Booking be cancelled prior to the Balance Due Date, no Commission shall be payable to TAAP Member.

          5.3 Should Expedia be unable to collect the Balance on the Affiliate Payment Date, Expedia shall make two further attempts to collect the Balance. In the event of a third unsuccessful attempt to collect the Balance, Expedia will cancel the Booking and notify the TAAP Member and/or Customer of such cancellation (“Cancelled Booking”). Such a Booking shall constitute an Invalid Booking / Void Booking under the Agreement.

          5.4 Should there be a Cancelled Booking, TAAP Member must, unless Customer expressly confirms that they do not require a new Booking, use all reasonable endeavors to re-book for Customer prior to the Balance Due Date. If the cost of the re-booking has increased from the original booking, the TAAP Member shall be responsible for any additional amount. Any liability to Customer for such a Cancelled Booking shall be borne by TAAP Member.

          5.5 Any re-booking attempted by the TAAP Member as a result of a Cancelled Booking must result in an identical or better room being booked in the same hotel on the Website. If the TAAP Member is unable to find an identical or better room in the same hotel on the Website, then the TAAP Member must: (i) notify Expedia of this immediately by email. The email must be addressed to the TAAP Member’s account manager and include the word “URGENT” in the subject title; and (ii) book a better room in a hotel with the same or greater star rating which is located as close as possible to the hotel booked as part of the original Booking, unless instructed by Expedia to do otherwise. TAAP Member must promptly inform the Customer of any change to their booking as a result of a Cancelled Booking.

          5.6 Expedia shall not be liable for Cancelled Bookings. The TAAP Member shall be liable for the costs of all complaints, claims or actions made by a Customer in such circumstances (a “Complaint”) and shall indemnify Expedia in accordance with Section 7 of these Terms.

          5.7 Where a Complaint is made against Expedia and/or the TAAP Member, as a result of the TAAP Member’s failure to pay the Balance on the Affiliate Payment Date or Customer’s failure to pay the Balance on the Balance Due Date, then: (i) where the Complaint is communicated to the TAAP Member by Customer, the TAAP Member shall notify Expedia immediately of the existence of the Complaint and any subsequent communications received from Customer; (ii) Expedia shall have the sole right to defend, attempt to resolve or settle such Complaint; (iii) in Expedia’s attempt to defend, resolve or settle the Complaint, the TAAP Member shall, at the TAAP Member’s expense, provide Expedia with all reasonable information and assistance that Expedia requests in reaching the resolution or settlement; (iv) the TAAP Member shall refrain from taking any action in respect of a Complaint unless Expedia asks the TAAP Member to do so in writing or as the TAAP Member is required to do by law or court order, save that should the TAAP Member receive any further communications from Customer, the TAAP Member shall advise Customer to contact Expedia directly and provide the relevant contact details and shall continue to deal professionally with Customer in all communications; and (v) if Expedia reaches a resolution or settlement with Customer in respect of a Complaint, then the TAAP Member shall cooperate fully with Expedia in finalizing such settlement including, without limitation, executing any documents which Expedia reasonably deems necessary for such purpose.

          5.8 Where a Complaint is made against only the TAAP Member (i.e., not both Expedia and the TAAP Member), then the TAAP Member shall be solely responsible for defending, resolving and settling such Complaint at its own expense but shall notify Expedia of the existence and outcome of such a Complaint.

          5.9 No Commission shall be due to the TAAP Member in relation to any Cancelled Booking.


          6.1 These Terms shall terminate automatically if the Agreement terminates.

          6.2 Expedia reserves the right to terminate these Terms or suspend the Deferred Payment Facility immediately at any time on notice via email.

          6.3 Should either party terminate these Terms, the TAAP Member shall be immediately blocked from making any further Qualifying Transactions. Termination does not impact upon any Qualifying Transactions already booked but yet to be consumed.

          6.4 The rights and remedies provided in this Section 6 are not exclusive and are in addition to any other rights and remedies provided by law, the Agreement and these Terms.


            TAAP Member shall indemnify and hold Expedia and its Expedia Group Members and related companies and all of their respective directors, officers, employees, licensees, agents and independent contractors (together the “Indemnified Parties”) harmless from and against any costs, damages and fees reasonably incurred by any of the Indemnified Parties, including but not limited to fees of legal advisers (on a solicitor–client basis) and other professionals, that are attributable or connected to any breach of these Terms including, but not limited to, any Complaint made against Expedia.

            8. AUDIT

            8.1 Expedia shall be entitled to audit your performance under the Agreement and these Terms at any time where:

            8.1.1 we wish to inspect your adherence to obligations under the Agreement and these Terms; or

            8.1.2 we, acting reasonably, suspect a material breach of the Agreement or these Terms.

            8.2 You shall also, on our express written consent, permit a regulator that requires or requests to perform an audit of you where it relates to your performance under this Agreement or your or our adherence to the governing law or any other guidelines issued by the applicable regulator.

            8.3 We shall provide you with prior notice before conducting an audit.

            8.4 During an audit carried out under this Section 8, you shall permit or shall procure that we and/or any applicable regulator is permitted access to such of your and your sub-contractors’ and agents’ premises, facilities, personnel, books, accounts and any other information that we and/or any applicable regulator may require for the purpose of such auditing.

            8.5 Without prejudice to the right to audit your performance under this Section 8, you shall promptly provide us and/or any applicable regulator with copies of such records, books, accounts, Booking Forms and information as we or such applicable regulator requires to perform an audit contemplated by this Section 8.


              The governing law and jurisdiction of the Agreement shall apply to these Terms.